The world's best brewer, back in matte black.

The OREA V3 BASALT is a throwback to the original OREA V1 with a luxurious satin matte black finish. Bringing back a matte black version has been a big request from people and this particular unit has been in the making for a long time. This brewer is classed as limited edition - as we plan to stock it over time, but it may not be our main retail unit. This is due to many factors, but we will do our utmost to stock it as long as there is demand.

There's a whole lot to love about the OREA Brewer V3

Fast flow rate

So what?

A faster flow rate gives us a wider range and more versatility. Go from just above espresso ground to coarse ground in one beautiful brewer. This allows you to explore a whole new set of brewing approaches and get more out of any coffee.



The Orea Brewer has a unique ring design and a totally flat bed, which reduces inconsistencies experienced with other flat bed brewers. Because there are less factors at play, you will inherently have more consistent brews. Due to the fact that you don't have a series of small holes that can easily clog, you will get less stalling. Finally, because the bed is totally flat, adding more coffee won't impact flow and consistency.

Superior thermal properties

Why is that?

The chosen material, Polycarbonate has the lowest thermal conductivity rate from any plastic we could find. It acts as an insulator - which you will notice as you brew. It's so good at insulating (or so bad at heat transfer) that we don't need a handle or a sleeve, because it doesn't get too hot to the touch. This means that the heat and energy remains in the coffee bed while brewing, rather than escaping. This will increase extraction and we find that it brings more sweetness in the cup.

Lightweight & packable

Is it really?

This brewer is incredibly light, starting at 39g (Small brewer) or 53g with the base (Small brewer). It's also really small, taking a lot less volume in a bag than other brewers. It's hard to find anything to match it! If you opt for the Large size, you won't compromise too much on weight and packability, as both are fantastic for brews on the go.

Tough & durable 

That's what they all say, right?

There is a lot of clever marketing in the coffee brewer world - but you can rest assured that this is not an example of that. We chose this material because it's flexible, impact-resistant, and crack-resistant. You don't believe us? Here's a video where we smash it with a mallet.

Recycled materials

What kind of recycled materials?

The V3 Base is made 100% from post-consumer recycled Polypropylene plastic, right here in the UK. We collect waste before it's ever thrown in the bin, clean it, sanitise it, and shred it into new raw material. This is then re-injected into the beautiful V3 bases in an artisanal process. Your Orea V3 base will be made from rescued bottle caps, takeaway containers, and discarded tupperware. All of this, 100% local. A true waste to treasure journey, not a marketing stunt.

Unapologetic beauty

Competition series

For this unit, we decided to designate a new category due to its origins and the decisions that led to it coming to life. With this release, we welcome the "Competition Series". Our first usable samples of the V3 were made by milling some solid blocks of black food safe Polycarbonate - which we blasted into a satin matte finish for Matteo D'Ottavio (the UK Brewing Champion) to use at the World Brewers Cup. Matteo has gone on to take these devices to the UK Brewers Cup and the Italian Brewers Cup since then. Matteo wanted to build his routine around optimising for thermal stability, so we picked the plastic has the lowest thermal conductivity, which has a small gain over our default polyamide.

Material: Polycarbonate

Thermal conductivity: 0.19 K/WH

Wall thickness: 3mm

Learn more about why this was a good fit for competitions

We chose Polycarbonate specifically because it is so bad at conducting heat - which results in excellent thermal stability inside the brewer.  This allowed Matteo to start brewing without pre-heating the devices and it meant that he had a lot more control over the temperature in the bed and allowing him to manipulate the brewing bed temperature easier through the kettle temperature. In short - the temperature in the bed stays very consistent and reflects the temperatures in the kettle - without big hikes or drops - which other materials can cause.

The thick walls of the V3 aid in temperature stability too, being 3mm thick. As the thermal conductivity rate is so incredibly low (0.19 K/WH) - it takes a very long time for heat to travel from the bed into the walls of the dripper. As polycarbonate is also very poor at radiating heat outwards (into the air around it), the walls slowly become an insulating force during the brewing process.  

The resulting device is a hyper-optimised brewer with excellent thermal properties, a lush heavy luxury feeling and a delicate satin matte finish. All of this on top of the much-loved OREA V3 design, which optimises for brewing consistency and a faster, better extraction through the patented flat bed.  

Matteo D'Ottavio, World Brewers Cup
Matteo D'Ottavio, Italian Brewers Cup

This collection was photographed by Jerney

One brewer / Two sizes

Small (155)
1 Cup

What does this mean?

The Small Orea Brewer V3 is great for brewing 1 cup at a time, using 10g-18g of coffee. If you enjoy brewing in bigger portions, we would recommend the Large size.

45g / 1.59oz Brewer
+ 14g / 0.49oz Base
5.7cm (height) x 8.2cm (diameter)
x 10.4cm Base width
Food-safe Polycarbonate
Compatible with the V3 Base
Large (185)
1-2 Cup

What does this mean?

Both Orea Brewer V3 sizes (large and small) have the same geometry and drainage design. This means you can use the Large version to make small 1 cup brews like with the Small version. Go from 10g of coffee to 36g of coffee in one brewer - with great performance over different quantities. If you tend to brew just 1 cup (10g-18g) then the Small version will be more suitable.

60g / 2.12oz Brewer
+ 14g / 0.49oz Base
7.2cm (height) x 9.1cm (diameter)
x 10.4cm Base width
Food-safe Polycarbonate
Compatible with the V3 Base

One base / Many patterns

Pattern: Punk

Made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic

Perfectly imperfect - made in the UK in an artisanal process from post-consumer plastic waste like bottle caps, tupperware, and takeout containers. This process results in each piece being slightly different as the plastic flows together uniquely each time. There are 7 patterns to choose from, but each base is one of a kind.

Learn more about this process

We've been supporters of an open-source project called Precious Plastic for years. It's a community that provides free designs and knowledge for machinery, tools and methodology to recycle post-consumer plastics.

We take plastic that would have been thrown into a bin and process it locally. It's collected in the community, sorted, cleaned, shredded and re-injected into these beautiful bases. Normally, only about 10% of plastic that is put in a recycling bin actually gets recycled. Most of it ends up in landfill - which is a problem.

We love this process because it keeps everything local and it avoids the traditional waste stream, creating more local circularity.

Besides being a great process, we also love the outcome. Unique results in each product, crafted locally.

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