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Artisanally crafted from fine porcelain featuring a totally OPEN bottom. Balanced, sweet & clear.
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4 Brewers in 1 - the ultimate brewing system. Flat, conical, APEX, & more - our boldest release so far.
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Our biggest brewer, designed to brew 2-5 delicious cups of coffee in as little as 3 minutes.
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A totally OPEN bottom and a unique 100% handmade glass construction. Juicy & smooth.
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Sense Glass
The best glass for filter coffee. A delicate shape to find the full potential of your coffee. Spacious and effective - available in clear, black, or pink.
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Sense Carafe
Experience clearer and more pronounced aromas thanks to the intentional shape. A narrow neck with a wide opening and plenty of room to swirl. Pour and enjoy.
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Sense Cup
Our best Sense Cup yet - reborn in delicate porcelain. With a smooth texture to improve the tactile and body expression of your favourite coffee.
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Sense Jug
Our biggest carafe is space-efficient and cupboard friendly with 900ml of space without sacrificing style or the sensory experience.
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From London to the 🌎

OREA is an independent, small business based in the South-East of London. We launched our first brewer, the V2 in 2021 and haven't looked back since. We are determined to make the world's best equipment for filter coffee, taking an iterative and open-minded approach to product development along the way. Thank you for supporting our vision 🖤

Horia, Founder / Director
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