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Orea Brewer Version 3

Redesigned from the ground up to challenge the best of the best. Made from premium plastic for optimal performance and durability resulting in bright brews with incredible clarity of flavour.

Clear ◯ or Glossy Black ⚫️
Large (185) and small (155)

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Sense Glass

The best coffee glass ever made, with a 275ml capacity. An unmatched sensory experience for specialty coffee - with a shape that enhances your perception of sweetness, brightness and aromatics.

Handblown from lab-grade borosilicate glass.

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Sense Carafe

A delightful sensory carafe, made to pair perfectly with the Orea Brewer, the Sense Cups and Sense Glass. Swirl, smell, serve and enjoy.

Handblown from lab-grade borosilicate glass.

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Sense Cup x MK Studio

The Sense Cup, elevated by the finest ceramics studio in the world. Redesigned with a capacity of 275ml to provide more space. Available in 6 unique patterns.

Made in Copenhagen, from the finest porcelain.

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Sense Cup

The cup that started it all - made specifically for tasting coffee. With a capacity of 150ml, this cup is made to pair with the Sense Carafe, taking small sips at a time to really reveal the layers of taste and aroma in coffee.

White ⚪️ or Black ⚫️

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Prolog holder

A beautiful walnut holder for the Orea Brewer V3, designed and made in South Korea by PROLOG. Made from the finest walnut available, dried and precision-shaped for a perfect fit on the Orea Brewer.

Expertly crafted in South Korea

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A new beginning

One year ago, I launched a strange little metal brewer, the Orea V1. I wasn't sure where it would go at the time. A year later, it's incredible to see the progress and the reception by the worldwide coffee community for the Orea Brewer. Almost every penny earned in the past year has been re-invested into the development of this new line - which I hope you will love as much as I do. A new, more affordable brewer, a new line of sensory glass and ceramic ware, along with some fun accessories. It's been a busy 6 months and it would have been impossible without some amazing collaborators.

To celebrate this important milestone, I'm running a pre-order campaign. Think of it like a Kickstarter campaign, but with a much shorter timeline. All products are already in production or already produced. Dispatch dates can be found on the specific product pages. This pre-order campaign will be open until May 1, 2022. Join the newsletter if you would like to be notified for future releases.

Thank you for your trust and for supporting my independent small business!

Founder & Director

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