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Shop the new collection →
Our best collection yet
We have spent the past year hard at work to redefine our product line. New manufacturing partners and improved designs - we've held back releases so we can make everything available at once and give you the choice. We're thrilled to launch the V3 MK2 (our best V3 Brewer yet), a line of new glass products including the OPEN Glass Brewers, a bigger-sized pour-over batch brewer for 2-5 cups (the Big Boy), and an ambitious modular brewer - the OREA Brewer V4. Our best glasses, cups, and servers fill a beautiful Sense Collection, now with more colour and material options.

Besides making better devices and accessories, we have spent a lot of time and effort to improve our filter paper collection. We now offer the best Wave filter paper along with new options for Flat filters - all designed to increase clarity in the cup. With our paper selection, we are doing our best to match the retail pricing of competing paper options. Our last big change with this release is the introduction of localised shops in the USA and the EU - shop with local shipping and local taxes, with stock dispatched by our fulfilment partners locally, rather than from the UK. Thank you for your support and we hope that you will find something useful in this brilliant new collection 🖤
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