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V3 ICE LARGE/185 - Semi-matte
V3 FROST LARGE/185 - Matte
V3 FROST SMALL/155 - Matte
These brewers are made from manufacturing waste (V3 Clear units with small visual imperfections). They are post-processed using different methods in order to alleviate these issues. This process results in a very unique look and feel. Currently, there are less than 1000 of each made - only available while supplies last.
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Sherry represented Taiwan in the world's premiere brewing competition, beating other champions from around the world to become the SCA World Brewers Cup champion. We are immensely proud that the brewer of choice for Sherry's routine was the OREA V3.

Watch the full performance below

A collection of products that value quality over quantity - designed to get the most out of filter coffee from the moment you brew to the moment you sip.

Limited edition

Matte and semi-matte clear versions of the OREA V3, 100% made from V3 production waste. Each unit is post-processed into a unique finish, giving new life to what would have become waste - losing nothing of what made the V3 so great.

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Limited edition

The small version of the OREA Brewer V3 in a limited edition glossy black Polycarbonate model. Born through experimentation - only a few hundred available.

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Redesigned from the ground up to challenge the best of the best. Made from premium plastic for optimal performance and durability resulting in bright brews with incredible clarity of flavour.

Clear ◯ or Glossy Black ⚫️
Large (185) and small (155)

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The best coffee glass ever made, with a 275ml capacity. An unmatched sensory experience for specialty coffee - with a shape that enhances your perception of sweetness, brightness and aromatics.

Handblown from lab-grade borosilicate glass.

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A delightful sensory carafe, made to pair perfectly with the Orea Brewer, the Sense Cups and Sense Glass. Swirl, smell, serve and enjoy.

Handblown from lab-grade borosilicate glass.

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Special edition

The world's highest quality paper filter, designed to fit the OREA perfectly. Fast brew times without bypass and enhanced clarity.

Made in Barcelona, from a more sustainable Abaca pulp

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The cup that started it all - made specifically for tasting coffee. With a capacity of 150ml, this cup is made to pair with the Sense Carafe, taking small sips at a time to really reveal the layers of taste and aroma in coffee.

White ⚪️ or Black ⚫️

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A beautiful walnut holder for the Orea Brewer V3, designed and made in South Korea by PROLOG. Made from the finest walnut available, dried and precision-shaped for a perfect fit on the Orea Brewer.

Expertly crafted in South Korea

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