The Orea Brewer is designed to work with wave-shaped flat bottom filters like the Kalita Wave size 155 or Kalita Wave 185.

The Orea Brewer is also compatible with a new, experimental, filter system, that uses flat circular paper filters and a filter-fitting tool.

Orea V2 (MK1 & MK2)

Kalita Wave 155
Negotiator paper 155 small

Orea V3 Small (155)

Kalita Wave 155
Negotiator paper 155 small

Orea V3 Large (185)

Kalita Wave 185 (or 155)
Negotiator paper 185 Large (or 155 small)

Can I use other wave-shape filters?

Yes you can. Some alternatives include: Fellow Stagg X filter, Saint Anthony F70 filter, and the Blue Bottle Bamboo Wave filters. Each filter flows at a different rate, and has its own quirks. We don't currently have guides to support these filters and you can expect a different performance from them than with Kalita Wave filters. For a good overall experience, we recommend using Kalita Wave filters until we have our own wave-shaped filters.

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