Version History

Orea Brewer V1

The Orea Brewer V1 was never released for sale, with only 40 pieces created to send to an initial group of beta testers. It featured a narrower bed and a bump in the middle of the drainage ring.

Release date: January 2021
Units produced: 40
Material: Anodised Aluminium
Colour(s): Black

Orea Brewer V2 MK1

The Orea Brewer V2 MK1 was the first release model of the Orea Brewer, available for retail. With a production total of 1000 units, the Orea Brewer sold in over 50 countries. The V2 MK1 features inner ridges and a 1cm hole in the middle of the drainage ring. It also has a wider bed than the V1, which helps with filter ergonomics and consistency between brews.

Release date: Late March 2021
Units produced: 1000
Material: Anodised Aluminium
Colour(s): Black & Silver

Orea Brewer V2 MK2

The Orea Brewer V2 MK2 is an update to the V2 MK1. The only change is the removal of the inner ridges to favour a flat interior surface. This leads to more consistency and faster drawdown times at finer grind settings. The Orea V2 MK2 is the current retail version of the Orea Brewer.

Release date: August 2021
Material: Anodised Aluminium
Colour(s): Silver