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The perfect-fitting FAST Flat filter (OREA edition)

Fast brewer & fast filter - a perfect match

Designed and manufactured in Barcelona, Spain by an independent company called Sibarist, using premium Abaca pulp. This paper filter challenged everything we thought we knew about brewing dynamics, and we are thrilled that you get to experience it in the OREA brewer. A high quality porous paper designed to have a perfect fit to the OREA brewer, hugging the walls and reducing bypass without adding to brew times.

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This paper essentially adapts the internal geometry of the OREA brewer, making the brew bed wider and less vertical. At the same time, we can take advantage of the consistency provided by a flat, perfect-fitting paper, reducing unwanted bypass - which can impact brewing dynamics and taste negatively. This paper and brewer combination allows water to flow through the coffee bed fully, rather than around it. Traditionally this led to slower brew times, as absence of airflow and bypass slowed overall brew times. This paper's construction allows for a smooth water flow, consistently delivering 2 minute or lower brewing times with a great extraction and with added consistency.

A totally unique paper construction that delivers a unique clear, crisp brew.

Something we were surprised about in initial tests was the measurable impact of this filter paper in the OREA V3 Brewer.

The results are pretty simple to explain. Because this combination of filter and brewer allows for much faster drawdown, we have to grind quite a bit finer in order to get enough contact of coffee to water. As it's easier to extract more from finer particles, we see higher extractions in lower time, as water can flow through the fine grounds quickly, while still extracting all the good stuff.

This result is enhanced by the quality of the paper, resulting in a well-extracted clean cup in 2 minutes or less.

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