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Orea x Lautaro Lucero x MK Studio Copenhagen

Pattern: Rainbow
Magdalena Kaluzna of MK Studio Copenhagen

A collaboration with the finest ceramic studio.

Magdalena Kaluzna's incredible work can be found on the tables of the finest restaurants and cafes in Copenhagen and beyond (Relæ, Restaurant Brace, Coffee Collective, to name a few). We fell in love with the quality, style and unique personality. To elevate the Sense Cup, this was the only studio we wanted to work with. Every cup is handmade from the finest porcelain, in Copenhagen.

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"Magdalena Kaluzna was still producing porcelain in her Copenhagen kitchen when she got a call from an up-and-coming Danish chef named Kristian Baumann. He wanted her to make tableware for his new restaurant 108 — a spinoff of Noma. The 24-year-old Pole couldn’t believe her luck. Eighteen months earlier she had moved to Denmark with her boyfriend and business partner, Michal Wlodarek, after he was offered a position in Copenhagen as a chef. A fine-arts graduate, Kaluzna decided to pursue a career in pottery. In Denmark, she says, “everyone appreciates ceramics and good design.”

She soon found a studio on a cobblestoned street in Copenhagen’s trendy Norrebro district, and began working on Baumann’s initial order of 1,500 plates. “I had never seen that many plates,” she laughs. As 108 grew in popularity, Kaluzna’s own star rose. Today she produces elegant, playful porcelain for several top-tier clients in Copenhagen including Relae, a Michelin-starred restaurant, and the trendy Coffee Collective chain. And she continues to develop her designs with tips and feedback from baristas and chefs: “They tell me so many things I never think about,” she says."

Source → New York Times

Magdalena & Michał of MK Studio Copenhagen
Pattern: Nebula

The perfect coffee cup, elevated and enlarged.

Redesigned with a capacity of 275ml to provide more space. Perfect to brew directly into, with 6 patterns to match the new Orea Brewer V3 recycled plastic bases. Each cup will be slightly unique, within a set pattern.

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Pattern: PUNK
Pattern: COSMOS
Pattern: RAINBOW
Pattern: NEBULA
Pattern: OCEAN
Pattern: CANDY
Lautaro Lucero

We tested dozens of variations in the search for the perfect form. Delightful to hold, extremely enjoyable to drink from, and optimised for the perfect sensory experience.

The wine glass-like body with steep angles help collect and concentrate aroma in a central point. The wide mouth positions your nose right in the middle of this, while also spreading liquid evenly across your palate when you drink.

Proudly designed and prototyped together with Lautaro Lucero, a young industrial designer from Argentina, based in the north of Spain.

Artisanal porcelain meets artisanal plastic - a perfect match for the Orea Brewer.

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