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The Sense Cup

Orea x Lautaro Lucero

Designed to pair perfectly with the Orea brewer, enhancing perception of aromatics, brightness, and sweetness.

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We tested dozens of variations in the search for the perfect form. Delightful to hold, extremely enjoyable to drink from, and optimised for the perfect sensory experience - enjoy coffee like never before.

The wine glass-like body with steep angles help collect and concentrate aroma in a central point. The wide mouth positions your nose right in the middle of this, while also spreading liquid evenly across your palette when you drink.

With a capacity of 150ml, the Sense Cup is designed to pair with a carafe. We recommend pouring 20-40ml of coffee at once for an optimal sensory experience.

Why is that?

Pouring smaller amounts at once helps with some important factors that enhance the sensory experience.

One big advantage is quick cooling of the coffee. When coffee is very hot, we don't taste very much. Pouring 20-40ml into a ceramic cup helps the liquid cool quickly, getting it to an enjoyable drinking temperature.

Another big advantage is that you leave a lot of space for aroma collection and airflow while drinking. The shape of the sense cup places your nose in the middle of the aroma centre. The sensory experience is heightened when there is less liquid inside.

Think of using this cup to sip, rather than drink - to enjoy a little at once, but to enjoy it a lot more as a result. Pour, swirl, sip, enjoy.

Proudly designed, prototyped, and produced together with Lautaro Lucero, a young industrial designer from Argentina, based in the north of Spain.

We met through a cup that Lautaro designed years ago so it was very fitting that our first collaboration product would be a cup too.

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