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Walnut Holder

Designed and made by PROLOG Korea

Naturally beautiful, perfectly made for Orea V3.

Designed and manufactured in South Korea by a small studio called PROLOG, using premium American black walnut. This holder works with both sizes of the Orea V3 Brewer and features small dimples that lock the holder into place in the V3 mount for stability while brewing. There's nothing quite like it out there!

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PROLOG are a small studio in South Korea currently consisting of three people. Their main goal is to go at existing product problems with a unique approach and design identity to find solutions others can't find. They make products that people want to cherish for a long time, from high quality materials and using high-quality finishes. An obsession with quality and precision but also with a big focus on more environmentally friendly production methods.

Made of the highest quality dried walnut, sourced from the USA & Canada.

PROLOG Korea are a mix of technologists and traditional craftspeople with a deep understanding of wood.

Each holder starts its life by being precision-milled using a CNC router and then hand-sanded smooth. This defines the outer shape.

The laser cutter was chosen for the next step, cutting the inside pattern with precision - based on Prolog's unique know-how to overcome physical properties of wood.

Following the high tech start, each piece is finished by hand with the highest quality wood oil for heat and water resistance.

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