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The much-loved accessory for the Orea V2 is finally available for sale on its own in limited quantities. The sleeves are available in 100% cowhide leather or 100% silicone. Designed to be really easy to take off and put back on, so you can easily keep your brewer clean without damaging the sleeve. The sleeves help with handling the brewer while it's hot and they add a layer that helps with heat retention and thermal stability.


These sleeves are made for all Orea V2 brewers: Orea V2 MK1 / Orea V2 MK2

What's included

Sleeve (x1)

Shipping information

This item ships disassembled and flat-packed in an envelope to keep costs low.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a vegan leather option?

At the moment no. Each brewer comes with a silicone sleeve included in the box - which is the vegan option. We tested a few vegan leathers, but didn't feel they had the right properties and feel to pair with the Orea V2 brewer.

Is the silicone waterproof?

100% waterproof - you can wash it together with your brewer. It's a no-fuss option that will last a long time.

Is the leather waterproof?

Not 100%. It's waxed for water resistance, and you will see that water beads and falls off of it. But if it's fully submerged or exposed to larger quantities of water, there will be some visible marks over time. Please read the care section for tips on how to keep the sleeve clean and looking good for a long time.

What country does the leather originate in?

The U.K.

How is the leather treated?

This leather is vegetable-tanned. The process of vegetable tanning uses organic material and natural tannins derived from the barks, leaves and branches of trees and plants. This results in colours that are rich and deep in natural earthy tones.

How it's made

All sleeves are die cut to size in Bristol, UK. The leather sleeves are then finished by hand in London - stamped, waxed and dried. The whole process is quite costly and time-consuming and we start with a very high quality leather. The end result is worth it - a very beautiful companion for your Orea brewer. Here's a video of the process:

Care tips for Leather sleeves

Since the leather sleeves are not fully waterproof, rather water resistant - taking care of them is important. Here are some tips:

→ Always remove the sleeve when washing your brewer

→ Put the sleeve back on once the brewer is dry

→ Do not submerge in water

→ If you do get a bigger drop, clean it with a cloth or micro-fibre towel immediately

→ You can apply leather wax or leather conditioner periodically to strengthen the protective layer


Sleeve for V2

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