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This 100% aluminium brewer was made to go with you on any adventure. It weighs just 56.4 grams (2 oz). Perfect for day to day brewing at home or on the go. Anodised for food safety and durability. Compatible with Kalita 155 filters.


The Orea V2 brewer is designed to optimise for speed. Higher drawdown speeds allow you to grind finer. The lower contact time, mixed with a finer grind, will help you extract more brightness and texture from the same coffee.

What's included

Orea Brewer (x1) + Silicone sleeve (x1) + Filters (Kalita Wave 155 x 14)

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UK: Royal Mail 1st Class Signed For (Full tracking)

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How it's made

The Orea Brewer is manufactured in a very unique way. What starts as one solid block of aluminium gets shaped on sophisticated CNC turning and routing machines - resulting in an impeccable solid aluminium unibody. There are no moving parts, no assembly - just one solid piece of metal that will last you a lifetime. You might recognise this process from companies like Apple - who manufacture some of their most iconic products this way. With Orea, you get what you pay for - a uniquely durable, accurate, and beautiful object.

Frequently Asked Questions

What filters can I use?

When you buy the brewer - we send you some filters to cover your first weeks of use. The Orea brewer was designed to use Kalita Wave 155 filters.

Do you ship to my country?

We ship to over 100 countries around the world. Add an item to your cart and continue to checkout to verify if we ship to your location. If we don't, please contact us - we may be able to arrange a special delivery for you.

How many cups can I brew at once?

You can brew 1 cup at once (about 350ml max).

What does the brew compare to?

The Orea brewer uses the Kalita filter system but the brew outcome is quite different. Due to a much faster flow, you can grind finer and extract more brightness from the same coffee. This also means that you will extract different notes vs a standard Kalita brew. What you are left with is a brighter cup, with sharper notes and more clarity. In that sense, the brew outcome is somewhere between a flat-bed brewer and a cone-shaped brewer.

Why is it so expensive?

The Orea V2 MK2 is made with a unique process that ensures unrivalled precision, consistency, and quality. We start with a block of metal and cut it to shape using sophisticated CNCs. The brewer is then anodised for food safety and durability.



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