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Redesigned from the ground up to challenge the best of the best. A design that combines the advantages of flat bed brewers with the aspects people love in conical brewers. Experience bright and sweet brews with incredible clarity of flavour unlike any other brewer in the world.

Why you will love the Orea Brewer

The Orea Brewer combines a fast flow rate, consistency, superior thermal properties, packability, durability, recycled materials and unapologetic beauty. The patented ring design ensures faster flow & unrivalled consistency. Explore a wider range of brewing styles, from just above espresso grind to coarse grind. We recommend you read the full overview on the product page below.

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Why are there no photos of the Small (155) size brewer?

We produced these brewers in a "stacked" schedule. The Large (185) brewer was produced first, while the Small (155) brewer is currently in production. As a result, we don't have the final samples yet. However, they share the same geometry and design as the Large V3, along with the same materials, same finish, and the same base. Due to the stacked production approach, the Small brewers will ship one month after the Large brewers. We did this to mitigate risk, as injection moulding comes with high costs for tooling and we wanted to validate the quality and finish first.

Which size is best for you?

Both brewers have identical geometry. The only difference is the "height". This means that they both brew the exact same way, except the Large (185) brewer can hold 185-size filters and has more space. Otherwise, the design is identical (and identical to the previous Orea Brewer V2). Both brewers can handle small quantity brews like 10g, 12, etc. However, the Small (155) brewer maxes out at 18g-20g of coffee. The Large (185 brewer can accommodate up to 36g of coffee.

→ If you want a very compact, super light, packable brewer and you tend to brew one cup (10-18g) at once, then the Small (155) brewer is the best choice. The smaller size will be "better/more optimised" for one cup brews because you can get closer to the coffee bed with the kettle spout - so you have less agitation and more control.

→ If you want a flexible brewer, to sometimes brew for two, but you still want to brew nice one cup brews (10-18g), then the Large (185) brewer is a better choice as it performs well from small to big brews. Your compromise is a little weight and a slightly bigger brewer. You can use both 155 and 185 size filters in the Large Brewer.

Why is the base detachable?

This was an important decision in the product design process. We wanted to have a universal mount for accessories and to have the opportunity to explore other materials. Structurally, it makes everything cleaner and simpler too. For now, two accessories have been designed to take advantage of this mounting ring - the Orea Base (made from recycled plastic) and the PROLOG wooden holder. We are exploring other accessories that can click into this ring to open up new use cases. It also opens up the opportunity for personalisation - change up the base, match your style and evolve the brewer. Romantically, we hope this also will lead to less waste, as there is potential to upgrade individual components as we release new versions, rather than buying an entire new product.

Snap in base

Designed to snap in for a perfect fit in order to ensure stability and consistency.

What filters can I use?

The best "wave" shape filters for the Orea Brewer are the Kalita Wave (185 or 155) filters. We currently don't produce our own wave filters. We also run an open-source project that uses flat filters and a tool to fit filters with lower bypass. We don't recommend one method over the other, we recommend you explore both. Kalita Wave filters, however, are widely available around the world. You can use any other 155 or 185 size "wave" shaped filter, but recipes and performance may differ.

When can you expect your order?

Please note the dispatch estimates on each product. Your order will be shipped once all products in your order are stocked. Some products have different expected dispatch dates.

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The OREA ring design

The OREA brewer is quite unique in being a flat bottom brewer with a true flat bottom - there are no prongs or grooves to hold the filter paper up. Instead of this, we use a wide ring design that covers the full bed. We found that this gives much better consistency in flow rate and less channeling. There are just less factors at play - the paper sits consistently in the brewer each time. With less variables, you have more consistency.

The ring design also ensures a faster flow rate as there is less restriction for coffee traveling our of the coffee bed. Faster flow rates ensure we can grind finer, without risk of "choke". This helps us extract more flavour and depth from the same coffee. Grinders are also better and more consistent at finer grind settings, so it's a win-win.


Where is this product made?

The brewer is made in China and the base is made in the UK.

Do I have to use your proprietary filter paper?

No - we currently don't make one. We recommend using Kalita Wave filters.

Where does this product ship from?

The UK.

Can I buy just the brewer, without a base?

Yes - if you have a brew stand, or a scale with a stand, it's not a bad idea. However, we do recommend a base as it holds the brewer stable, leading to more consistency in brewing.

How can I learn to brew with this device?

We have an online brewing class and a lot of brewing guides to help you get started.

Orea Brewer V3
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