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Sometimes when you get a new device, you want a little help to master it. If you're quite new to brewing pour over or you're switching over from something like an Aeropress, V60 (or other conical brewers), or you just want to geek out about brew theory, a class might be a good idea.

Each class is 45 minutes long.

Who's going to be teaching you?

Your course will be either with the founder of OREA or a Barista Champion or Brewers Cup Champion. You will be in good hands.

What do the classes cover?

- Basics on dialling in the OREA brewer
- Basics in setting up for success, tools to use and methods to use
- Basic brewing theory, to understand what grind/temperature/pouring patterns might do to extraction and the resulting cup
- Exploration of 3-4 very different recipes to try and understand what you like most with the OREA brewer

Our goal

Our goal is that every person who buys an OREA brewer will succeed and will love it. We add a lot of material in the box to help you get going, and for those that want more help, we'd like to be available to help you succeed. At the end of this class, you should walk out with new ideas and an excitement for brewing coffee. You will have the knowledge you need to confidently explore with the OREA brewer and get on the road towards mastery.

Other Guides

You can follow guides to self-teach on our guides section.


Can I change my mind?

If you'd like to cancel your class, we will give you a full refund up to a week before the course begins. We will try to tailor the class to the levels of the people involved, and send questionaries prior to the class. It's therefore important for us to have a buffer week.

Can I buy this for a friend?

Absolutely - just made sure to contact us about it.

Planned classes

Classes are currently scheduled in for late April and early May - precise schedules and options will be sent out to those that purchase. You will have the opportunity to pick between a few dates and times.

We will schedule with global timezones in mind.

Switching from V60

Are you thinking to swap from a V60 to a flat bottom OREA brewer? These courses will provide the foundation you need to be extremely successful. While brewing theory doesn't differ too much, you will have a wider world to explore with the OREA brewer. The foundations from this class will help you master this new method.

Online Brewing Class
Classes held in April and May

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