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Pre-order progress

Orea V3 pre-order campaign (launched Feb 25, 2022)

We are dispatching orders every day in the order that they were purchased in the pre-order campaign. Due to unexpectedly high demand, dispatching all orders will take a few weeks once a product type becomes available. While many product types are currently shipping, this does not mean that all orders containing those products have shipped already. We kindly ask for your patience while we work through the orders - you will receive an email with tracking once your order has dispatched. You can follow the guidance below to get an idea when your order might dispatch.

Orea Brewer V3 Large (185)

Currently Shipping
65% dispatched

Orea Brewer V3 Small (155)

Starts shipping May 15 (current estimate)

Sense Carafe 400ml (glass)

Currently Shipping
20% dispatched

Sense Glass 275ml (glass)

Currently Shipping
23% dispatched

Sense Cup 160ml (ceramic)

Currently Shipping
40% dispatched

Sense Cup 275ml x MK Studio (porcelain)

Starts shipping May 21 (current estimate)

Negotiator tool & starter kits

Currently Shipping
35% dispatched

Filter paper (kalita & negotiator)

Currently Shipping
30% dispatched